NeuroTrition Love For Little Noggins!

NeuroTrition Love For Little Noggins!

Not being a parent myself (does a French Bulldog puppy count?), I am seriously intimated by parents. More times than I can probably count, I have wondered if they’re thinking “how can she understand what I’m actually going through with my child?,” or “how can she possibly put herself into my shoes?” And truth be told: I can’t. But what I can understand is that, while culinary medicine is still in its infancy, it is poised to go so far beyond the bandaid in treating childhood brain and mental health conditions that I can’t not be involved any longer.

Children and adults who have, or go on to have, mental health challenges actually have certain nutritional deficiencies and/or imbalances.

Science is showing us that nutrients play a big part in brain development in utero (so mom’s, and dad’s, nutrition may be critical during and even before pregnancy), during childhood (especially up to age 5, when the brain grows over 3 times in mass!) and into adolescence. We also have data to indicate that children and adults who have, or go on to have, mental health challenges actually have certain nutritional deficiencies and/or imbalances. And moreover, we have evidence to suggest that preventing or correcting certain nutritional deficiencies seems to help brain and mental health conditions, by preventing the need for medications or helping them work better.

The developing brain is so plastic (not plastic like a bottle, but plastic like malleable and sensitive) that good nutrition is critical for childhood and later adult brain health. So I feel dedicated, even obligated, to turn scientific mouthfuls (which I am all too well versed in after 10 years in academia) into simple nutrition toolkits and brain food recipes that people outside the academic bubble can chew on and really use in their child’s and entire family’s life.

Your Child on Brain Food (in real life!)

Science is suggesting that happy, healthy brains can be built. With the right nutritional building blocks, we can help build our child’s best brain and mental health. Inglewood Child Development Centre understands the importance of nutrition in cognitive development. So the Centre wanted to bring nutritional knowledge and practical application to their dynamic childcare program. Enter NeuroTrition and our Brain Building Programs!

The Brainiac Building Blocks are superstar macro- and micronutrients that research is highlighting as being key for optimum brain development and childhood mental health.

We have developed a custom series of programs for Inglewood Child Development Centre parents and staff, that interpret what the science is saying and reveal the best (and most practical) ways to make this science work for kids’ growing brains. In the kickoff session, I outlined what we at NeuroTrition call, The Brainiac Building Blocks! These are the superstar macro- and micronutrients that research is highlighting as being key for optimum brain development and childhood mental health. Our Neuro-Chef Riley Krumes also created seasonal Summer brain food recipes for a breakfast, entree and snack (and demoed them for parents and staff!). Each recipe used Brainiac Building Block nutrients in quick, easy and kid-approved ways. We’re already getting excited about our Fall program, and the fun ways we will bring developmental neuroscience and seasonal Fall nutrition to the table. Together.

We've shared one of the Brain Food recipes that Chef Riley skillfully created, with growing brains in mind. This Avocado Superfood Pudding recipe is packed full of brain building ingredients AND it closely mimics the taste and texture of conventional puddings (which are full of unhealthy and brain draining ingredients). Our pudding is a win-win recipe!

At NeuroTrition, we also specialize in creating Brain Food Menus, that are built on science… and are delicious, of course! Over the Summer, we will also be consulting with ICDC staff to revamp their hot lunch offering, starting in the Fall. We’ll be doing what we do best, and transforming the research on building children’s best brains with nutrition, into easy, smart, healthy and yummy Brain Food lunches and snacks.

We love ICDC and their commitment to building kids’ brains, nutritionally. We’re thrilled to be working with them and look forward to helping build happy, healthy brains, one mouthful at a time. 

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