Orsha Magyar

Founder & CEO, NeuroTrition

And food!

The founding of NeuroTrition came from integrating these three areas, all of which are close to Orsha’s heart. She connected the once-invisible dots between them to craft her approach to Brain Food. In retrospect, it seems obvious they belonged together. But it took Orsha’s rare group of passions to make that clear. And her unwillingness to let any of them go!

“We built our company to help people improve their brain health, no matter how or what they were eating to begin with. Our approach is deliberately inclusive. Brain Food is for everyone.”


While getting her MSc in Neuroscience from The University of British Columbia, Orsha studied brain health, anxiety and the neural underpinnings of stress from multiple angles. But that wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to get out of the lab and back into the real world, to translate the research into digestible forms for the general public.

Enter nutrition. While Orsha is as hardcore as it gets when it comes to evidence and data, she saw an opportunity to take holistic nutrition to a new level by integrating it with her neuroscience background. So she took further training after her graduate degree to become Certified in Holistic Nutrition and started applying rigor to the practice, making connections with her work in neuroscience and imbuing holistic nutrition with a much-needed science-backed boost. She’d found a new way to help people with their food and their health.

But in order make the insights Orsha was synthesizing practical they had to connect to the food on someone’s plate. And before everything, Orsha is a foodie! She’s a passionate fan of real, whole foods and local and seasonal flavours. She’s not into fad diets or food trends. She loves real comfort foods that take you back to your roots, but with an evidence-based, brain health-promoting spin.

Which led to NeuroTrition and its proprietary NeuroTrition 1:1 and NeuroTrition KIDS programs.

As NeuroTrition’s second decade unfolds, Orsha is at the forefront of a Brain Food Revolution, helping people understand 1) the connection between what they eat and how they think, feel and perform, and 2) how everyone can feed their brain, no matter who they are or where they're at.

One bite at a time.

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