Brain Food Essentials :: Kale
Does the saying “eat your greens” ring a bell? It’s no myth – green leaves are very nutritious! This is true. Out of all the green leaves (think: spinach,...
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intermittent Fasting For Better Brain Health?
Intermittent fasting is a popular nutrition trend now, and I’m getting asked a lot of questions about it. So I want to unpack the science and give you my take...
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Brain Food Essentials: Sage
I personally love love LOVE when science dabbles in, and provides support to, traditional medicines people have been using for centuries. It always makes me...
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MIND diet
We all want to age gracefully—am I right? Of particular interest to me lately, though, is whether food can help our brains age gracefully (I know, obviously...
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Guess which brain food is a favourite of our NeuroTeam? Yup! It’s the humble hemp seed. Hemp seeds are brain food. We’re not talking about psychoactive...
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Going Keto :: What The Science Is Saying & 3 Safe Ways To Do It
If you’ve been listening to the “health waves” (or “brain waves”) lately, you may be familiar with the “keto” or ketogenic diet. You may have heard, probably...
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Brain Food Essentials: Sardines
“Fish is brain food.” You may have heard this before. And we at NeuroTrition completely agree. The thought of “fish” may conjure up visions of a perfectly...
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cinnamon as brain food
It’s the delicious spice that everyone loves! A favourite of bakers everywhere. And it’s great for your noggin too. ​Have you ever thought of cinnamon as brain...
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As you probably know, aphrodisiacs have been used for thousands of years to help people with libido and sexual performance. And we’re not talking about foods...
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