Teens: Your Brain on Junk Food
Junk foods - we know they aren’t healthy, but we find them so hard to resist. Celebrating with these treats often starts when we are kids with birthday cakes,...
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Harnessing the gut-brain connection to improve mood
How we feel emotionally really resonates in our gut. When we get nervous about something or feel that something isn’t right, for example, we literally feel “...
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Gift Guide: Top 5 Brain Science Books
Are you looking to give that neuro-nerd in your life the perfect gift? Or maybe your inner neuro-nerd is finally surfacing, and you want to learn more about...
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Woman jumping in front of wall.
Since your gut lining is host to receptor sites for your immune system and nervous system, probiotics can also affect how you think, feel and perform. Some gut...
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Brain Food Essentials :: Blueberries
Think blue. Sometimes, the smallest things can have the biggest impacts. Take blueberries for example. For years we have been reading how blueberries are...
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Alzheimer’s :: Is It Really Type 3 Diabetes?
Alzheimer’s and diabetes: What’s the link? Is there even a link? You may have heard that Alzheimer’s Disease is recently being touted as “type 3 diabetes.” In...
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Did you know the average person checks their phone 200 times a day - that's once every six and a half minutes? If you’re like me, you’re probably going to take...
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River Cafe
I am always trying to think of engaging ways to bring people together for some conversation about brain and mental health. Because I’m such a foodie, my mind...
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Addiction Transference:
Contrary to what most people think, quitting a substance you’re addicted to may not be the hardest part. Because your underlying brain biology (not to mention...
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