Sliced cucumbers and chopped walnuts in a creamy dressing inside a wooden bowl, topped with dill springs.
Cucumbers just might be my new favourite berry. Yes, a berry — not a vegetable, like most of us think. And at 97% water, they are the #1 most water-dense food...
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A stone dish full of homemade chocolate spread is surrounded by slices of bread that are covered in the chocolate spread and topped with crushed walnuts.
Nutella has always seemingly been marketed as a healthy choice for kids (and the young at heart). But as a NeuroTritionist I can say that the ingredients,...
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Looking down on six mini blueberry pies placed in a grid with little white and yellow flowers in between the pies.
Tiny but mighty blueberries are some of the most powerful superfoods out there. But what exactly is their superpower, you ask? Free radical fighting...
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A pile of homemade chocolate Easter eggs with decorative white icing, on a white plate.
I am so eggcited (bad pun, please bear with me) about this recipe! Because we have elevated the Cadbury Creme Egg, which I’ve loved since I was a child, with...
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Two bright pink smoothies in cocktail glasses, with lemon twists and heart and star sprinkles.
Being trained as a neuroscientist, I thought I had it all figured out about the brain. And I thought that surely it didn’t have the ability to undergo...
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Two white bowls of roasted tomato soup sit on a wooden top table, with fresh whole tomatoes and a jar of pesto beside.
With Winter finally hitting here after an unusually warm December, I am really craving warming foods. For me, soups are a favourite wintertime go-to. I enjoy...
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Gingerbread people-shaped cookies, with white icing decorations.
In Hungary, where I am from, mézes kalács (aka. gingerbread) is a Christmas tradition available at outdoor Christmas markets throughout Budapest and small...
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Plate of pumpkin-shaped orage pasta on a bed of pesto.
Who doesn’t love to dig into a heaping bowl of pasta? I know that I personally really really enjoy it, as do a lot of our clients. But is pasta really the best...
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Flatlay of several granola bars in a grid formation, with chocolate drizzled across all the bars.
Store-bought granola bars are NOT health food. No matter what the companies who make them say. For starters, most have over-processed grains as their base,...
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