Young Girl Planting Seedling in Dirt
Did you know that the gut contains the highest concentration of immune cells? This means that the gut microbiota (aka. the entire bug collection in your GI...
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5 Cute Kids Smiling
As a neuroscientist, I’ve always recognized childhood as a key window of brain development that can be influenced by nutrition. And as a nutritional consultant...
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Orsha Magyar
Anxiety comes in many, many flavours, and can be debilitating in its own unique way. From a NeuroTrition perspective, we always aim to tackle the root cause of...
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Mother breastfeeding her baby
Here at NeuroTrition we are fascinated by the gut microbiome - the ecosystem of trillions of tiny microorganisms in your gut that can have a powerful effect on...
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Woman holding her broken arm with cast
Your mental health game is on point: high energy, stable mood, and an overall sense of balance. And then you get an injury. A tweaked back, a blown out knee, a...
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Harnessing the gut-brain connection to improve mood
How we feel emotionally really resonates in our gut. When we get nervous about something or feel that something isn’t right, for example, we literally feel “...
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Gift Guide: Top 5 Brain Science Books
Are you looking to give that neuro-nerd in your life the perfect gift? Or maybe your inner neuro-nerd is finally surfacing, and you want to learn more about...
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Woman jumping in front of wall.
Since your gut lining is host to receptor sites for your immune system and nervous system, probiotics can also affect how you think, feel and perform. Some gut...
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Brain Food Essentials :: Kale
Does the saying “eat your greens” ring a bell? It’s no myth – green leaves are very nutritious! This is true. Out of all the green leaves (think: spinach,...
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