Alfonso Abizaid, PhD

Associate Professor, Carleton University, Department of Neuroscience

  • Obesity

  • Neuroendocrine regulation

  • Stress

Dr. Abizaid’s research is focused on understanding how brain and gut hunger hormones work to regulate feeding and energy balance, and how the environment can affect these processes. This includes research into how changes in dietary quality, stress, changes in daily rhythms, development and exposure to environmental toxins mediate our hunger hormones and the impact this has on eating.

"NeuroTrition provides a service that is much needed and very scarce in the private and public sector. Knowledge translation allows for better decision making that can increase not only personal health, but also informed decisions about our health. This is truly an advantage that in the long term will save millions in health care expenses."

— Alfonso Abizaid, PHD

Society for Neuroscience

Endocrine Society

Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology

Canadian Association for Neuroscience

Canadian Association for Obesity

American Association for the Study of Obesity

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