Guess which brain food is a favourite of our NeuroTeam? Yup! It’s the humble hemp seed. Hemp seeds are brain food. We’re not talking about psychoactive...
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 Brain Food Essentials :: Cacao
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we want to make sure you get all the brainy science to help you choose a “chocolatey” gift for someone you love...or...
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Brain Food Essentials : Walnuts
Just because walnuts look similar to our brains, doesn't mean they're brain food... or does it? Walnuts are a popular and delicious tree nut, and they are one...
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7 Ways to Feed Your Gut Bugs
You've certainly heard the news about how important your gut microbes are, right? And they (all the trillions of them that live inside you) really are!...
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Sweet Potato
Sweet potatoes are often associated with fall and winter holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas (but we say, go ahead and eat them all year around). If you...
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Coconut oil
Coconut oil. It's been all over people's “brain waves” lately. “It'll help you burn fat.” “Swish it around your teeth.” “Blend it into your coffee.” But...
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A Gut Feeling About Artificial Sweeteners
Empty calories! That’s the idea that most people associate with refined carbohydrates like white sugar. Sugar is just empty calories that make you fat and...
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